1821 Horton Rd 
Jackson,MI 49203
 Organic Beef, Fresh All Natural Beef, Pork, Poultry & Seafood. 
Our Store Hours:  9:00am - 6:30pm, Monday - Saturday
Prime Cuts - Please stop in and  try our large variety of sausage, Beef,Turkey Jerky's, ring bologna,summer sausage,Bratwurst, Italian,German,Polish,Swedish sausage.  

Also you have got to try our Pit Hams, 5 Flavors of Bacon, Smoked Pork Loin. 

We make over 180 different varieties of products.
Fresh Wild caught Salmon, Organic Salmon, Walleye, Lake Perch, and Sushi grade tuna.

Seafood is bought at Superior Foods Co., located right here in Grand Rapids Michigan.  

Most all fresh fish come from Northern Canada,Norway or Michigan Great Lakes. Never anything caught or packed from China.  

Try our delicious fresh seafood today.
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USDA 1# Choice or Higher Beef

When selecting Chairman's Reserve Certified Premium Beef, we start by identifying three primary characteristics – marbling, maturity and muscle texture – to ensure the highest level of tenderness, juiciness and flavor possible. Our strict certification process guarantees that only beef carcasses meeting our high standards are "reserved." Simply put, the quality of the Chairman's Reserve Brand's ' track record is increase customer satisfaction to its highest level. Fewer than 25% of all USDA Choice beef carcasses meet the following criteria of Chairman's Reserve Certified Premium Beef  Quality

Graham's Organics: BEEF

Certified Organic Means

● No pesticides or herbicides used on fields
 ● No Animal by-products fed
 ● No antibiotics or drugs used or fed
 ● No growth enhancers or hormones
 ● No genetically-modified crops fed
 ● No genetically-modified cattle or chickens
 ● No irradiation of beef
 ● No Cloning

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Otto's Chicken in Middleville, Michigan, provides farm-fresh, antibiotic and hormone-free chicken to Michiganders looking for quality meat. You are sure to love the taste of this locally raised chicken that has had access to fresh, natural food and clean water as well as plenty of space for roaming around. Exercise and diet are very important in the health of the chicken, and healthy chicken is tasty chicken! With years of experience, top notch management and a passion for poultry, we strive to provide quality chicken products that you are sure to enjoy. 

Taste the difference - it's the natural choice!  

"Highest Quality Grade of Meat Sold in Jackson  County"
Our story is really quite simple: 
We have been roasting and brewing really great coffee since September 2006. Our coffee is roasted in small drum roasters in our downtown Jackson store, which is located in the heart of Jackson’s business district. We do this because we know that there is nothing better than freshly roasted coffee so long as you’re starting with great beans and roasting them with passion.

In 2007, 2008, and 2009 we won awards for “Best Coffee House” in Jackson. We have won every year since opening, beating out the likes of Biggby Coffee, three Starbucks, Bearclaw Coffee, three Tim Hortons, Dunkin Donuts, and 5 other independent coffee houses. So
stop into Prime Cuts for Fresh Roasted


We Accept all  Credit Cards, EBT, Checks & Cash
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